I Have Been Blessed With A Nice Butt


I have been blessed with a natural “fine” derriere. No squats required, no “Ten effective butt workouts”, no plastic surgeries, silicon pads.. Nothing! It’s just naturally round, soft, firm and it is just the way you like it.

As much as I find it a blessing, I, no less frequent, find it a misfortune. Do not get me wrong, I love my body, I love my curves and I appreciate every piece of it and I know my “derriere” is a compliment to my femininity. I would call it “booty” but that’s how much respect it deserves from me.

My butt is troublesome. This could sound like an invitation to bed for you, but it is a turn-off to me. My butt is an object to all you hungry boys out there. I would call you “gentlemen” but that’s just how much respect you deserve too.

My butt encourages you to look at me with disrespect, as if it defines how proper or improper I am. No matter what I wear, you’d always think I am being playful. No matter what setting I am present at; be it a business meeting, a Gala dinner or a funeral. And no matter what type of guy you are, be it a playboy, a happily married man, a public character or even a religious figure; you still look at it in the most degrading of ways.

I’ve had stages of discovery and life lessons through my butt. I have been fooled to be loved where all what it was about is my butt. I have been accepted in jobs fulfilling my career aspirations just for the hiring manager finding my behind attractive. I have been fortunate with a lot of male friends whom I considered as close to me as siblings, whom were only after a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. So yea, my butt broke my heart a number of times and slowly killed my self-esteem.

I made peace with the idea of all men being after my ass. Yes, generalization. Not philosophically correct but in reality it is. Despite some of them being boob guys, my butt would still be a tool for them to feed their manhood ego and brag around. (you know I am super close to her now, I guess I can get a piece of it) … ( of course I’ll take pictures) … I wish those were just creative examples for the richness of this article but unfortunately I’ve heard guys talk about my butt literally like that.

So anyway, I decided I will build character and I will enrich myself so much that even if people initiate whatever kind of relationship with me primarily for my butt, they would discover much more value hidden beneath my flesh. I studied, I travelled, I created hobbies and a sense of art. I was not one-of-a-kind that’s for sure, but I was rather more than just a piece of meat. Sadly my plan wasn’t to be and unfortunately I realized it was a pipe dream that had to be shelved.

The next idea that popped up was moving out of town – starting fresh. Thinking it might be just the issue with my People. So I did, I landed a job through a skype interview that entailed only my face, and my professional presentation of achievements not through a view of my behind. I waved good-bye to that butt-thirsty society, and just packed my bags and flew out of the city. I had hopes to meet new people who would be interested in who I am, I had hopes that I will start a new butt-free life, only to realize I doubled the trouble. Now everyone I formerly knew is visiting with hopes of a vacation mode and privacy- away from everyone we know- that would drive me to give them some pleasure. Then I have my new encounters who are just as the old ones…simply after getting a piece of me.

I broke down.

The love of my life? Nothing but a sexual interest.

My best friends? Nothing but hopeful benefits.

My new acquaintances? Booty calls.

Has the World turned to be this superficial? Is it over?

Can’t there be a relationship based on inner beauty while appreciating physical beauty? Isn’t there any depth? Is everything that cheap now? Flesh, sweat and ejaculation?

Well, even if I will be the loneliest person alive, I will be crazy enough to appreciate the soul. I cannot degrade humanity to sole instincts. I cannot go destroy and I cannot humiliate our perfect creation.

I am not giving up my worth. I am priceless and my booty aint’ for sale!