I Have Loved And I Will Love Again


I have loved so deeply that when he left, he took with me the air I breathed, left only an ocean of tears that pooled at my feet.

I have loved so cautiously that I found myself in a dark room, wandering around without even a flicker of light, wondering what if.

I have loved so poorly that when I looked in the mirror each morning I didn’t recognize myself, my skin was so hard that vulnerability had no chance of breathing.

I have loved, and I have loved, and I have loved.

But I wonder, how much have I lost? The parts of me that once believed in true love, in monogamy, in trusting someone completely, they are no longer present.

I try and go backwards, searching for them in my ocean, in my dark room, in my reflection.

Going backwards serves no one. I must let go of what was and accept what is.

I am a marble statue in a dark ocean. I must have faith in what will be, a dancer on the beach, wind in my hair and warmth on my skin.