I Have Something Weird To Tell You Before I Forget


I have to tell you something weird before I forget.

“Last month a 13 year old boy abducted an 8 year old girl. And when people asked him why he said he learned about it on TV.“

I love this poem about instructions for the first time you see a woman naked.

Because it will be on a screen.

And there are no instructions necessary when you are just watching.

Sometimes I wonder if I underestimate the clinical nature of the digital age. The way we swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on people. And move on.

But I don’t think a generation can be any one thing. I love people, and I know others do too, despite our birth years.

The world is cruel and already cruel enough. I want to find the space in each other to settle into.

I don’t care if men tell me I am pathetic for loving them when you are supposed to just be cool. I think that is what human beings are made to do.

People have forgotten their lines. I have the script in front of me.