I Hope Life Brings You Back To Me


Why was it so wrong when it felt so right to be around you? Why were you the one I finally felt complete with, only to realize that you’re someone I can never be with? Why did it have to be jealousy, temptation, and wrong timing that forced our lives in different directions? Why did all that have to happen between us, when I imagined you being here for a lifetime?

I try to find the words to describe how I feel when my heart is empty and my mind is blank, but all I can think is, “I miss you.”

I miss you in the quiet, and I miss you when I stand by the water, listening to the roar of the ocean. I miss you when I get in my car, and in my mind, I can still hear you saying as you embrace me tight, “let me know when you’re home, okay?”. I miss you in the mundane, everyday moments, like when I’m eating breakfast, and remember you always eating the English muffins off my sausage egg McMuffin.

You were the one I felt most comfortable with, the one who understood me, the one that made me feel like I didn’t need anyone else because you gave me so much happiness and something to look forward to every single day. You were the part of me that I was missing, the part I was searching for all along, the person who awakened my hidden strengths and courage from within. Though I was happy with myself, when you came into my life, you made me feel whole. It simply felt right.

I want you to know that whatever you’re doing right now, I know that you’re achieving greatness. Both you and I aren’t defined by the mistakes we made. Each of us has our flaws, but that just makes us human. Despite everything, you’re wonderful. So wonderful. Whoever you’re with, if they get the chance to see the real you, I know they’ll be blessed to have you around.

Thank you for bringing your light into my life. I’m not sure if we were truly destined to belong together, but I hope that life brings you back to me someday.