I Hope Life Gives You Enough To Keep You Going


I hope life gives you more happy moments. I hope it gives you more than a million different reasons to wake up every morning when you contemplate whether it’s worth it or not.

I will not tell you how bad other people have it. Everyone hurts different and it is no one’s place to tell you that you are “so much better off”, because when you’re hurting nothing else matters. But at the same time, that’s when you have to remember that one person, goal, or even dream that once kept you going, and make it the purpose of your life once again.

I hope life gives you that passion. You may not have the people that you want in your life at the moment. I hope life finds them for you. You might feel as though you are not the person that you want to be. But I promise one day, you will become something as wonderful as the sunrise that you see out your window very morning.

I hope life shows you that. I hope life throws the best things towards you. But I also hope life throws experiences that will change you as a person and make you stronger. And if that means that I wish upon you the most mentally tough and emotionally draining experiences, then so be it.

Because in a world that is so twisted, we can only rely on the events of our lives to make us the most potent forms of ourselves. Besides, one can only learn so much from books anyways. They can teach us how to find the square root of 3481 but they can’t teach us how to become emotionally strong people. By the time you’re 18, you’ll go off to further education knowing how to graph sine and cosine curves, but you won’t know how to get toxic people out of your life and cope with it. They can’t teach you how to stop loving or how to get over heartbreak.

So I hope life teaches you all that instead. I hope life can teach you that no matter what circumstance you are in, you will be okay, and that it will pass. Whether its a maze of events you think you’ll never leave, or just a rough patch in life, I hope you find the way out.

Even if you’re just confused and feel very small in this ginormous world, I hope you find your way anyway. I hope with all of life’s experiences, you can make yourself strong enough to give off the warmth and light of a thousand suns. Make yourself so confident that when you step five miles outside of your comfort zone you have nothing to be scared of.

I hope you become the person that can give themselves a pep talk when they feel as though you have no one. Make it so that you can bring yourself up, and you is all you need. I hope life and its ways can turn you into all those things and so much more.

I hope life teaches you to move when every part of you tells you not to. I hope life teaches you that it’s okay to cry when you feel like the weight of all your problems is crashing down on your shoulders. But above all I hope that once everything comes out, you never dare cry about that same reason again.

Because you are more than your tears, and life will show you that. I hope life teaches you to give yourself time, because in time there is hope and in hope there is change. And change is what you sometimes need to move on, and start again.

I also hope that you get the help that you need. There is only so long until even the strongest concrete pillars come crashing down and end up where they started – on flat barren land. I hope life teaches you to be the strongest person that you can ever be, and still get the help that you need. Because although you may feel alone, there is at least one other person who is going through the same thing too. I hope life teaches you that you are never alone, and that at the end of the day you have you and that’s the best that you can ever have.

I hope life teaches you to accept every aspect of the universe and embrace the unknown with the desire to learn. Moreover, I hope in life when you turn old and beautiful, your gleaming diamond like eyes, and silver hair will encompass in them the most invaluable teachings of life. Because those teachings will make you the most unique person that you can be.

So tell yourself every day that you must wake up and live your passion. Because no matter what that is, you just need something to keep you going. I hope life teaches you all that.