I Hope She Knows Her Own Courage


I hope she knows her own courage. I hope she understands her innate power; her composure in the face of insurmountable struggle, her strength in the wake of the unimaginable. I hope she recognizes that her bravery will affect change, a lasting spark that will ignite into an unquenchable flame.

She remains impeccably poised, even as she is on the brink of breaking. Her voice cracks under the weight of her words, but she never dissolves, even as she confronts the pain of years past. She sits face-to-face with the reality of him; the deep hurt swirling around her, the jeering naysayers relentlessly, unceasingly taunting her, but she never sheds a tear, even as she longs to escape the once-spacious room that is slowly shrinking before her.

She speaks with impressive conviction; gracefully touching souls, instilling their faith in the wake of doubt. As her past collides with her present, she hurts and heals simultaneously, inspiring the world to let its pain overflow like a river. She refuses to cry in the face of emotional turmoil, but the world cries for her, leaving a trail of tears in subway cars and office buildings, speaking their truths as her courage consumes their souls.

She inspires others to believe her, even as she drowns under a storm of threats and lies. She stands steadfastly as the difficult questions hurtle towards her, as she relives the nightmare of trauma, hurt, and disbelief, as facts and feelings cloud around her, as lies, truths, and accusations intermingle before her eyes. Her overwhelming desire to free herself from him, the pain strung across her face, the way her darkest moments seem to flash before her eyes shatters any doubt that this is raw, this is real, this is true.

I hope she knows her own courage, recognizing her strength as her long-held secrets, the memories she hoped never to share, slip through her soul. I hope she hears hearts beating alongside hers; feels hands holding hers, sees her words transforming lives, instilling everlasting bravery and powerful persistence in the face of struggle. I hope she discovers that she is loved, revered, and believed; shining the unwavering light of truth into hearts and minds everywhere.