I Hope She’s Worth It


Although I’ll never understand why you got back with the ex who broke your heart, I hope she’s worth it.

I hope she’s worth all memories we had, that are now starting to fade away.

I hope she’s worth you losing my respect.

I hope she’s worth all the pain you’ve put me through.

I hope she’s worth all the tears I’ve cried the past few days, because you and I both know that I never cry.

I hope she’s worth the feeling I felt when I read the words “I love you” that you wrote as a part of her birthday post.

I hope she’s worth all the times you’ve told her “thanks for everything” and I felt so stupid for ever thinking you’d open up to me the way you do with her.

Most of all, I really hope you still think she’s worth it when you realize that you threw away everything you and I had for her.

I hope you realize I loved you more than anything, and cared about you more than she ever will.

I hope you realize that all I ever did was try to be there for you.

I hope you realize that I completely turned my whole world upside down just to be by your side, on the off chance that you might’ve come to me when you needed someone.

I hope you realize that I just spent the last ten months of my life being totally devoted to you, and you barely even cared.

Eventually I have to stop being hurt. I have to stop being so upset and angry, and feeling betrayed. I need to take a step back and realize that you’re happy with her, and all I ever wanted in the first place was for you to be happy. I need to be okay with the fact that I’m not the cause of your happiness, and that she is.

I hope you treat each other right.

I hope you’re there for each other when you need it.

I hope you love each other more than life.

I hope you’re very happy together.

I hope she’s worth it.