I Hope She Isn’t Like Me


I hope she makes a good wife. I hope she cooks and makes you food. I hope she loves dogs and kids. I hope she takes good care of them. I hope you all have a happy family. I hope she gets along well with your parents. I hope she shares the same beliefs as them. I hope she makes a good daughter-in-law.

I hope she’s caring and concerned. I hope she accompanies you to the doctor. I hope she takes good care of you when you’re sick. I hope she visits you. I hope she takes the initiative. I hope she brightens your day and makes you feel better. I hope she has endless things to talk to you about. I hope she’s an extrovert like you. I hope she expresses her love to you openly. I hope she comes up with a cute nickname for you.

I hope she’s polite and isn’t rude. I hope she’s truthful and doesn’t keep anything from you. I hope she’s thankful and appreciates you, for who you are and whatever you do for her. I hope she doesn’t make you angry. I hope she accepts your bad temper and flaws.

I hope she tolerates you. I hope she’s willing to eat whatever you crave for. I hope she suggests what to eat when you can’t think of anything. I hope she doesn’t enjoy horror movies like you and enjoys the same genre of movies as you. I hope she’s willing to watch them with you even if she doesn’t. I hope she doesn’t complain or bring these up during a fight. I hope she’s willing to give in to you at all times.

I hope she enjoys doing anything and going anywhere with you, like working out at the gym. I hope she keeps herself fit. I hope she doesn’t put on weight. I hope she doesn’t get complacent in the relationship.

I hope she’s financially stable to be able to surprise you with gifts and food. I hope she gives you a simple yet memorable birthday celebration without spending a bomb. I hope she likes whatever gifts you get her and uses them. I hope she gets a sincere card from you for her birthday, which you didn’t forget about.

I hope she has the same interests as you. I hope she’s a gamer and joins in your card games. I hope she gets along well with all your friends. I hope her friends and even their mums like you. I hope her friends get along with you. I hope you all go out for double dates. I hope her friends don’t gossip about you.

I hope she doesn’t complain about you to her friends. I hope she doesn’t secretly tweet about you. I hope she doesn’t quarrel with you over the littlest things. I hope she doesn’t ignore you when you say something insensitive. I hope she doesn’t expect you to figure out what you did wrong yourself. I hope she’s direct enough to tell you about it.

I hope she doesn’t get anxious when you don’t reply her after hours like typical girlfriends do. I hope she has her ways of motivating you when you’re stressed out in whatever aspects of your life.

I hope she makes you a better person.

I hope she isn’t insecure. I hope she doesn’t mind you following hundreds of girls/models/etc on Instagram and liking their photos. I hope she’s confident about herself and her body. I hope she satisfies you. I hope she doesn’t constantly stalk and compare herself to your exes. I hope she knows her worth.

I hope she knows guys will always be guys. I hope she knows how to spice things up after your honeymoon period. I hope she doesn’t always think everything is fine and you will love her for whoever she is, like what you claim. I hope she’s a strong and optimistic woman. I hope she doesn’t cry easily. I hope she doesn’t overthink. I hope she doesn’t get treated the same way as me.

I hope you don’t break her heart. I hope your relationship won’t get monotonous. I hope your feelings for her won’t fade.

I hope she makes you happy. I hope she’s the one you marry. I hope she’s your forever. I hope she’s different.

I hope she isn’t like me.