I Hope You Always Show Your Love


Life is too short to keep love locked up.

It’s too short to keep it closed within our mouths and buried in our hearts, and swept under the rug.

Love should be shared – whether it’s a big, huge, exciting thing – or something that is often overlooked because it’s so small.

Show your love for the tiny things in life that make you excited – like having your cup of coffee in peace in the early hours of the morning.

Like starting a new book by your favorite author.

Like when you are running late to the train, and still manage to make it.

Like when you get street parking in one of the world’s busiest cities.

Like when you arrive at the beach at the start of summer and feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the sand under your feet.

Like when the summer starts winding down, and you feel that first cool crisp of fall in the air.

Like when you take the first bite of a perfect piece of pizza.

Like when you get to share Christmas morning with the people who have permanently taken up residence in your heart.

Show your love for the significant milestones in life, too.

Like when you finally get the job you’ve been working for – it’s been years of long hours, and late nights, and studying, and trying and failing. It hasn’t been easy, but you persisted. This new position is an accomplishment, and you better be celebrating that.

Like when you purchase the home you’ve been saving for – you did without so you could have all that space – celebrate that, too.

Like when you find the love that you’ve been waiting for – and your heart overflows with joy. I hope you share that love and shower it with every human you meet, for love is always something to be celebrated.

I hope you live your days with extra enthusiasm.

I hope you are unabashed in sharing your humor and your joy.

But above all else – I hope you never cease to stop sharing and showing your love.

Life’s too short to keep it in.