I Hope You Fall In Love With Life


There will be days when you will not want to get out of bed. Days when you will hit snooze on the alarm, roll over, and pray for just a few more hours of sleep. There will be mornings when your coffee will taste terrible and the commute to work will be nothing but a nightmare. There will be times when you will miss the subway, dates when you will spill wine on your brand new shirt, and hours spent sitting by the phone waiting for that text.

There will be nights when you will cry yourself to sleep. Nights spent tossing and turning, unable to settle your mind. There will be times of loss, heartbreak, and sadness. There will be fights with your partner and tears shared with your best friend. There will be things that you regret doing and things you regret not doing.

But there will also be mornings when you will wake up and seize the day. There will be days spent lying in bed while you enjoy listening to the sound of the rain. There will be cold winters and warm showers that will soothe your soul. There will be afternoons spent watching the trees and summer nights spent looking up at the stars.

There will be songs that will make you dance like no one is watching and moments spent singing at the top of your lungs in the shower. There will be long road trips with your best friends and unforgettable holidays with the person you love. There will be books that will make you cry and there will be movies that will make you laugh. There will be moments of pure happiness, fearless love, and uncontainable excitement.

There will be days when the sun will shine a little brighter and the rain will hit a little harder. That’s just life. Underneath all the chaos and all the drama, I hope you find the beauty in it all.

I hope you find what makes your heart sing and I hope you connect with the things that feed your soul. I hope you fall in love with the rising sun, the night sky, and everything in between. I hope you climb mountains and fall in love with the view. I hope you skinny dip in the ocean and dance freely in the rain. I hope you walk with your head held high and smile at strangers as they pass. I hope the journey is always just as good as the destination and that you discover places you’ve never been. I hope you take the time to have fun and laugh until it makes your stomach hurt. I hope plans fail so that you can understand sometimes things just weren’t meant to be. I hope the wrong choices lead you to the right ones. I hope you overcome your fears, and I hope you do the things that scare you. I hope you find beauty in the ugliest days.

I hope you fall in love with life over and over again.