I Hope You Find Love


I hope you find love in whichever way it is that you want to find it. Whatever definition of love that you’ve been told or that yourself have created, I hope you find it. However, first I hope you find love in the things you do, in the way you look in front of a mirror every morning, before going to work, attending a significant event, going on a date, or before going to bed. I hope you find love in the loneliness of your space, in the silence of your thoughts or on the deepest side of your mind. Find love in the skies that paint a beautiful canvas for you every day, whether it is sunny or full of dark clouds, admire it. Find love in the stars that shine for every one of us, in the waves of the ocean and in the color of the flowers that you see in your neighbor’s front yard. I sincerely hope you find love in the little things that life has to offer to you and create a definition of love that no one has created before. 

We get lost in search of love in someone else when it’s been around us all along. Romance comes to you once you’ve learned to love life and its simplicity. Once you obtain this love, I hope you share it with those around you. Find love in the way you communicate, in those who know how to love the way you speak about your day, the way you talk about your music or the way your eyes shine when you smile. I hope you find it by sharing with others, exploring, discovering, and thanking the universe for the life that you’ve been given. I hope you find love, and I hope it’s the best feeling you can ever feel, but I hope you know you can search for it everywhere else even yourself before sharing it with somebody else. 

Lastly, I hope you find love in the way everyone searches for it. I hope you’re able to share experiences with someone who loves you as much as you love them. I hope you find love that makes you feel peace even on the hardest days. I hope you find love that makes you stronger, love that makes you proud, a love you never have to question. I hope you find love in someone who knows your biggest fears and your craziest dreams, and I hope this someone decides to stay with you no matter how incredibly absurd you seem.

I hope you find someone who makes you laugh so hard you won’t even remember the feeling of pain.

We all deserve the best type of love that life has to offer, and from the bottom of my heart dear reader, I hope you find it.