I Hope You Find Me When I’m Finally Okay


I hope you find me when I’m truly okay when I can already look into your eyes sincerely when I can finally hold your hand without fearing that you’ll walk away.

I hope you meet me when I have finally let go of everything that has been weighing me down when I have finally accepted that not everyone I lose is a loss.

I hope you see me when I’m laughing again when I no longer have to fake a smile just to hide the tears I’ve cried when I don’t have to lie about how many times I said goodbye only to say hello again after they apologize.

I hope you accept me even if there are days when I find it hard to look into the mirror and see who I’m becoming. I hope you see not just the reflection but also the stories hidden beneath my smiles.

I hope you know how I fought my demons while praying I wouldn’t turn into one, how I survived hundreds of battles on my own, and how I turned my scars into lessons.

I hope you choose me not because I tell you to but because you see something in me which everyone else regarded as unworthy because you realize that I’m poetry in a world that only knows the alphabet.

I hope you cross the path where I’m on when I’m ready to take a chance again when I’m brave enough to open my heart to a new story when I’m sure that things will work out because this time, I’m not the only one who tries.

And finally, I hope we find each other when we both are ready to write a new chapter, when we both understand that there’s no more time for mind games, and when we both agree that after years of waiting, it’s finally time to start trying again.