I Hope You Find The Love That You Deserve


I hope you find a love that puts you first. The kind that makes you their priority and their only choice, because nobody ever deserves to be someone’s second best.

I hope you find a love that knows sacrifice. The kind who’s willing to let go of their convenience for your comfort, not because they are obliged but simply because they want to.

I hope you find a love that knows how to apologize. The kind that doesn’t let pride get in the way because they know your relationship is far more important than their ego.

I hope you find a love that knows how to forgive and forget. The kind that will always choose to remember that their love for you will always be greater than your mistakes.

Apologizing is easy, but forgiving requires a whole lot of courage and self-love, and you can’t give what you don’t have.

That said, I hope you find a love that you’re willing to put first, to sacrifice for, to apologize for, and to forgive. The kind that will make you realize that love is compromise, that it’s not just ‘you’ but ‘us.’

Lastly, I hope you find the love that you deserve. The kind who kisses you whenever they can, pulls you close and hugs you when you’re being your usual bratty self and loves you even when you don’t know why they still do.

When you find this love, you’ll feel it in your heart and bones and you’ll be stupid enough to let this beautiful thing go, because how could you and why would you when for once in your life, you’re finally home?

And if you find it, I promise you, it will be just as good as how you imagined it to be. Probably even better.