I Hope You Know That You Are Irreplaceable


I hope you know that you are irreplaceable. I hope you discover that no one else possesses the strength in your heart and the magic in your soul. I hope you know that no heart could ever outshine yours, no matter how powerfully you fear that a stranger with enviable poise, charm, and wit will overtake you; usurping the throne you are constantly terrified to lose.

I hope you know that you have the kindest soul. You are invariably present for everyone you meet; listening to their struggles with unmatched care, supporting their wildest dreams with unparalleled enthusiasm, loving them with undeniable ferocity. You set aside your heaviest trials to help others feel light; shouldering their burdens as if their deepest challenges were the soft feathers of a dove, feeling the weight of your world suffocate your spirit. You are singular in your selfless kindness; your ability to smile for others, even as you long to drown in your own tears.

I hope you know that you are the fiercest protector. You guard your loved ones’ lives with the heart of a lion and the soul of a mother; constantly, relentlessly shielding them from the harsh truths of the world. You stride into battle alongside those who have your heart; painfully cognizant that you could lose everything you hold dear, but willing to sacrifice all that you are in the pursuit of justice. You are remarkable in your willingness to fight in the name of love alone; even as your spirit wilts in your darkest hours.

I hope you know that you are loved beyond compare. The powerful river of love that flows through your being compels everyone around you to cherish you; to adore you unreservedly, unabashedly, unyieldingly. Your powerful magnetism, the omnipresent magic that touches everyone you meet, draws the world into you; luring it to love you wholeheartedly. You exude pure, radiant love; filling every heart, awakening the flame in every soul. You are extraordinary in the love you receive; even as you doubt every indication of love that crosses your path.

I hope you know that you are irreplaceable. You are the treasure the world prays not to lose; a passionately empathetic spirit rooted in tangible strength and palpable love. You may fear that a more worthy soul will overshadow you, threatening to rob you of everyone you hold dear, but you will remain on your golden throne forevermore; eminently overlooking your uninhabitable domain with incomparable kindness, care, and empathy.