I Hope You Know That You’re My Miracle


Now I am here, and so are you. And life never ceases to surprise me with all its wonderful gifts. Goodness dwells in the belief that life’s uncertainty will keep giving us reasons to believe in miracles.

Because miracles aren’t always glittering items wrapped neatly inside a box waiting to be opened. They aren’t always dreams that we pray should come true. We don’t always recognize them because we choose never to believe in them sometimes. But I believe in miracles because of you.

The miracle is not about you. It’s that I can believe in you because I want to. Miracles lie in mistakes with no other lesson but learning how to smile. They occur when we accept the regularity of change as we keep discovering ourselves. But mostly, we look back in hindsight and realize how the biggest miracle was forgetting when we welcomed people into our lives like they always belonged right here.

Miracles are also funny things because the joy that accompanies them is often difficult to apprehend. But while we celebrate the little joys that ignite our lives, we wonder if these miracles are ephemeral. But their true essence lies in knowing that everything that there is is more than enough.

And as you embellish my life with your presence, you keep sprinkling new thoughts, words, and moments in my mind. It’s enough to make me write a story, because I like to watch you from the other side. Because I think that if I start writing a story about you, I may never be able to put the pen down.

You are the miracle that didn’t make a grand entry into my life. You did not make a sound, nor did you say anything significant. But that you are here now makes all the difference.

You reinstate my faith that I can always have even more to give if I try hard enough — more love, more kindness. On the darkest days, you give me faith that I will wake up the next day and embrace life as it comes. You will forgive my misdemeanors, which I cannot hide. But with that realization is the feeling that you will always kindle a love of surprises and miracles in how I perceive life.

You happened while life happened. And you happened when things kept happening around me. And while this is the only pervasive reality of life, you happened — and that is worthwhile.

Now I am here, and so are you. And I’ll never cease to be intrigued by you. Goodness dwells in remembering that we will stumble upon surprises — only if we keep believing that we will.

featured image – Gianni Cumbo