I Hope You Make Him Happy In Ways That I Never Could


To you, the next woman he will love, I hope you fill your pockets with patience and head with understanding. Being with him is like always being in line, waiting. He will be the longest line you’ll ever queue on, tiring but worth it. 

I hope your arms were not made of glass but rather, steel for when there are times you should use it to show him the woman that you are.

I hope you encourage him to get out of his box, to try new things, and to try taking risks. Because he’s always afraid of trying.

I hope you feed him with determination and self-esteem because there are moments he’ll feel that he isn’t worth it. I hope you make him feel that he’s the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you because you will always be the world to him.

I hope you are there when he asks for help and most especially when he doesn’t.

I hope he finds you beside him during times when he feels like he’s lost in the world he’s caged in. I hope you become his light guiding him back home in the darkest storm he’ll ever be in. I hope you’re brave enough to pick up the little pieces of his heart as he try to reassemble himself.

I hope you embrace his brokenness the way he embraced your flaws. I hope you make him believe that the scars that he has are the most beautiful pieces of artwork you’ve ever seen. I hope you make him believe that those scars are painted with gold and they still shine despite the hollows in between them.

I hope you look at his eyes when he’s tired because that’s how he’ll regain his energy. And you will melt every time he does that.

I hope you let him snuggle you in your neck until he falls asleep or let him hold your hand when walking because that’s his way of securing you in his arms.

I hope you indulge him when he invites you to watch a basketball game or when he asks you to eat Korean food for dinner because that’ll make him really happy.

I hope you love him not just in his good lighting but also in his darkest days. I hope you know that being with him is like the weather. There are times he’s windy or sunny, there are times where he creates thunder and lightning. I hope you just cover your ears when he does that and not fear him.

I hope you always give him the chance to prove himself when that phase of doubting comes. Give him the chance or regret it forever.

I hope you never let him sleep without saying you love him because that’s the only thing he wanted to hear. It’s much better than a lullaby to send him to sleep.

I hope you make him try the things that you love that he actually hates. Because he’ll try that despite of the abhorrence. He’s willing to try everything just to see you smile.

I hope you fight for him, not in wars, but from the monsters around. You know them by the name of Pride, Jealousy, and Hate. I hope you are stronger than those monsters hidden beneath yourselves.

If a point in the relationship comes where conflict occurs, I hope you are bigger than your fears. I hope you fill your mind with anticipation that it is just a phase. I hope you never give up. I hope you never make the same mistakes that I did.

I hope you love him with all your heart, pure and with passion. But always remember to spare something for yourself. Never forget about yourself.

I hope you never leave him the way I did even though he was the one who pushed me away. I hope you never let him push you away. Be persistent.

I hope you have enough courage for that. I hope you become the woman for him, the one that makes his world go round and steady. I hope for your happiness.

Please look after him and love him in the way I forgot to do. You’ll know the reason why storms are named after people but he’s always worth the calamity. He is always worth it.