I Hope You Make Sisterhood A Verb


I hope you make sisterhood a verb.

I hope you go beyond the pretty t-shirts, and podcasts, and slogans, and hashtags, and put action behind your good intentions.

I hope you stand up for the women you call sisters when they need you. I hope you have the courage to ask them to stand beside you, too.

I hope you show up for your sisters when they call. I hope you show up when they’re too proud to call. I hope you recognize the power in showing up, and that showing up is the first step in a thriving sisterhood. I hope you’re never too proud to make the call, either.

I hope you give your sisters love. I hope you give that same love to yourself in return.

I hope you teach your daughters to dream. I hope you teach them how to get that dream, too. I hope you treat your sisters’ daughters as if they were your own flesh and blood. I hope they do the same for you, too.

I hope you listen to the stories that are different than your own. I hope you drink in the wisdom from those who have journeyed before you. I hope you create the space to learn from your sisters. I hope you let that learning happen through the lens of love.

I hope you give the grace you wish to be given.

I hope you know that you can shine your own crown and still polish the ones that surround you, too.

I hope you remind one another that womanhood is different than sisterhood and that the pictures of what perfection means, and what success means, and what happiness and fulfillment means will be different for each and every one of us. And that’s ok – for sisterhood isn’t about fitting into a picture.

Sisterhood is about showing up, and standing up, and loving, and giving, and teaching, and listening, and being a cheerleader and a champion.

Sisterhood is a verb.