I Hope You Never Lose Sight Of Your Brilliance


I hope, no matter what happens to you in this crazy life, you never forget your capacity to overcome. You never look at your reflection and think you are less, think you are incapable, think that the body you inhabit is not strong enough to stand.

I hope, no matter what terrible loss you feel in your chest, you never lose sight of the person you’ve become. You never forget the amount of pain you’ve already fought through, the tenacity and spirit running through your veins.

I hope, when storms cloud your skies, or brokenness falls on your forehead like angry rain, you remember that even the wildest winds will pass. And you will rebuild even more determined than before.

I hope, no matter who chooses to walk away, what love fails to stay or grow alongside you, or what promises are forgotten instead of kept, you never think you are unworthy of finding something beautiful. You never write off your feelings as unimportant. You never start believing you don’t have value.

I hope, no matter what lies you’ve believed in the past, you cast them away and remember who you are, and who you have the potential to be as you continue to grow.

I hope, no matter what the world tries to shape you into being, you never forget your uniqueness, your difference, your spark. You never look at your body with disgust, you never tell yourself to eat less, be less, do less, say less, just to shrink into the background.

I hope, no matter what darkness you’re dragged through, you never lose sight of your brilliance.

Because even if you don’t see your light, it’s there. Even if you don’t feel your heartbeat, it’s drumming in your chest. Even if you don’t think you can push through, you can—one step, one breath at a time.

Though the world will give you chaos, though it will close doors you long to keep open, or open ones that feel foreign and frightening, you will always have the ability to fight back, to stand tall, to continue forward through this mess.

Regardless of what you face, you will always be a brilliant person, brightening the sky with your laugh and smile and faith.

So don’t give up. Don’t let the world tell you who to be, or how to live. Don’t let fear write its permanence in your mind. Don’t let your heart be told lies under the guise of keeping you ‘safe.’

No matter what you face, remember this—no one can shut off a light that burns from within. So stand with confidence and ignite the sky.