I Hope You Never Lose Yourself


We all look back in our lives to find reasons, find memories, find our dreams, find our old friends, find our young parents, find our little siblings, finding that summer, finding the feeling of loving someone for the first time, finding time that flew by so fast.

We all look ahead in the unknown, a blur of expectations, mixed with doubt, with anxious breaths, what would you want your future to be if you had a chance to look at it? Would you change it? Would you want to do something better? Imagine you have control over every aspect of your life and then imagine your future.

And then take a deep breath, and I hope you realize you do have control.

Even right now. When things seem like they couldn’t be more out of reach, you have control over yourself simply by your thoughts. Your thoughts will carry you wherever you want to go or they will keep you prisoner. But you always have control over them. I hope you realize that really soon.

You have control over yourself, even if not on the things that happen to you or their impact on you. You never lose yourself when the storms hit the shore, you hold your knees, wrap your arms around yourself and protect yourself. The lightening is frightening, but the sunshine is right there behind the grey clouds.

I hope the storm passes soon in your life.

And the sky clears up and you sit outside in the silent countryside in the warm sunlight with the silence of the mountain forest and the stream nearby. It’s all in your mind. And I hope it’s beautiful.

We all look around in the present, some sigh, some smile, some cry, some feel lost, some feel found, some feel broken, some feel they’re finally starting to heal, some are giving up, some are planning to try again, some are leaving, some are coming back home, some are running towards what they want, some are hiding from it, some are watching the sky, some are just watching the floor or the ceiling.

Which one are you? Which one do you want to be?