I Hope You Remember To Live Just Like This


Breathe. Chill. There’s no rush. No. Rush. To. Do. Or. Accomplish. Anything.

Don’t settle. Please don’t. Please don’t marry someone just because you think you’re running out of time, or you’ve been together long enough and people are pressuring you, or it’s convenient, or this person is convenient. Listen to me, you will never ever run out of time — or person. God’s got you.

I pray you fall in love with someone you admire, someone who inspires you. And I pray they fall in love with you too. I hope you’ve met that person already. If not, I say this, they might take a little while, but they’ll get there — get to you. Never, ever lose hope. True love waits, as clichéd as that may sound, it’s true. Never rush something you wanna spend your entire life with.

Wherever you are, I hope you’ve found something that satisfies your heart’s longing. I do hope that whatever you’re doing now, it’s what you want. I hope you’re happy. If not, I dare you to leave that place. There will never be a right time to leave a sucky job, a toxic relationship or friendship, a boring city, a lifeless organization. You’ve got to do it now. You are not too old for a change, “it offers me security” is not a good enough excuse, as is any other excuse, “it’s difficult” is not a hindrance, but a statement waiting to be proven wrong. Please don’t let life happen to you. If you’re staying without a purpose, then give yourself the ultimatum. After that, just go. If you’d just want something bad enough, the possibilities are endless.

Please don’t let life suck the life out of you. Instead, breathe life into your life, and hopefully to others to. Now is the time to be part of something bigger than you are. Go anywhere you’re needed. Teach, volunteer, learn, build, inspire. Make your life count. Make a change. Fall in love with people, places, culture. Fall in love with your life.

Sing. Write. Paint. Travel. Build. Learn something new. Do what you’ve always wanted to do. Do something you’re scared to do. Go out of your comfort zone.

People will talk, maybe criticize; they will only remember it for a while, but you’ll forever live with the regret of not trying.

Money will come and go. Don’t hesitate to spend, especially if it’s for your dreams, for your family, for what makes your soul happy, for a memory you can always go back to, for something you will still have 5 years from now. Invest on your health. God will provide you with enough. Don’t let money be a hindrance to you living the life you deserve. Don’t die without living your life. Don’t let life take this lifetime away from you.

Whatever hardship you’ve gone, or going through, should only make you stronger. Never let it do otherwise. Never ever let yourself down. I know some things happen, and they’re out of your control. Let them go. No point fussing over something you can’t do anything about. Focus on things you have a say in. Be strong because nobody can ever do that for you. Fend for yourself. Don’t depend on others too much.

Be free. Be vulnerable. Open yourself to the world’s possibilities. Be awkward. Be smart. Be kind. Be courageous. Be whoever you are. Don’t try to please anybody. The people who are meant to stay will love you for whoever you are, however you may be.

Spread God’s love. Share your blessings. You may never be an expert on HIS words verbatim, but God will appreciate you showing HIS love. Sometimes actions are enough. Sometimes words aren’t even necessary. Pray for people because sometimes, it’s what they need more than anything.

Always respect your parents. Call them often. Tell them you love them. See them as often as you can too. Bring them to places they’ve never been to. Be someone your parents can be proud of. Don’t disappoint them.

Spend time with your best friend.

Be patient with how your life is going. Give yourself time to grow, to achieve things in your own time. Don’t beat yourself up for not keeping up with others; their life and circumstances are not the same as yours. Your journeys are not the same, so do not ever compare your life with them.

Don’t wait on things. Don’t wait on anything that doesn’t foster growth. Don’t wait on people who are not sure about you. Don’t miss out on anything, and on anyone.

Life will keep going while you’re waiting for other things to happen. So make things happen. Start NOW.