I Hope You See the Beauty Of How God Made You


I know it isn’t easy to believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You look in the mirror and all you see is tired eyes, blemished skin or those wrinkles lining your forehead.

Beyond the physical, you’re overwhelmed by your sinfulness. You’ve done things you wish you hadn’t. Each day became a battle of trying to prove you’re not the mistakes that left horrid scars in places where your self-worth had been.

You don’t remember exactly when you first felt this way –unworthy and average. Maybe someone made you feel less than who you truly are. Maybe it is when you helplessly watched the love of your life drift away. Maybe it’s because of all the things that went wrong. Or the sins you tuck under your bed.

Yes, you are so dang flawed. Your imperfections and mistakes are all part of you but it isn’t who you are. You’re not that crooked nose or those extra pounds on your belly. You’re not less beautiful just because you didn’t check off the superficial standards of the society.

You’re not the friendship that ended or the love that failed. You’re so much more than the bottles of vodka emptied afterlife crumbled upon your shoulders.

Look into the details of your eyes, how your heart rhythmically pumps blood through every vein or how a constellation of cells live within you.

Listen how your every breath is timed or how your system works even when you’re asleep.

Knowing that there’s an entire universe inside of you functioning so orderly without your control is incredibly unbelievable.

Your flesh is weaved with grace and love that surpasses every sin. You are designed perfectly by an all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving God.

You are an intricate work of art, crafted with so much love. You are a work in progress – a clay pot being shaped into His likeness.

You are beautiful, not for the curves of your body or the smoothness of your skin. You are beautiful, not in the way your hair flips or your eyelashes curl.

You are beautifully made because your soul bears the image of the Creator. You’re endowed with wisdom, knowledge, and holiness. You have a heart that loves and forgives – an inherent power that sets you apart as His child.

I pray that the Lord takes the blindfold off of you and lets you see how utterly beautiful you are. I hope you accept this magnificent truth, by faith.