I Hope You Stop Living A Half-Life


I hope you stop living a half-life; barely getting by, barely surviving, barely finding joy in anything. I hope you stop believing that you don’t deserve more or you can’t have more. I hope you stop settling because growing up that’s what you were taught. You were taught that it’s better to settle than to dream and fail. I hope you find the courage to change the old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in your comfort zone or your distress. I hope you stop living a life that doesn’t fulfill you in every way because you’re afraid of change or failure. I hope you never let your fears stop you from trying for something you desire because sometimes that’s the leap of faith you need to take.

I hope you stop falling in love with half-hearted people or people who don’t give you their all. I hope you stop biting your tongue or lowering your standards just to make a relationship work. I hope you stop giving your all to people who give you doses. I hope you stop believing that half is all you deserve because you think it’s better than nothing. I hope you stop suppressing who you really are or silencing your voice because you’re afraid of people leaving or abandoning you. I hope you realize that love should feel safe and allow you to be who you are without apologizing for it.

I hope you stop surrounding yourself with people who don’t make you feel alive or people who don’t inspire you. I hope you change your environment if it’s constantly letting you down or bringing you pain and anxiety. I hope you learn how to say no to the people who don’t value you and I hope you learn how to prioritize yourself when you have to. I hope you stop diminishing yourself so others can shine and I hope you stop thinking that you should be the only one compromising or bending. I hope you stop pretending that you’re okay with something if you’re not and I hope you can stand up for yourself when no one else is standing up for you.

And last but not least, I hope you learn that half of anything won’t make you whole. Half an idea, half a relationship, half a career, half a life because you’re not half a person and you were born to live a full life and if your experiences have shaped you to believe that living a half-life is okay, it’s never too late to change that. It’s never too late to realize that you have been living half the truth and it’s time to find the whole truth.