I Hope You’re Doing Well


I hope you’re doing well. I hope that your heart is not heavy with past burdens. I hope that you don’t look at your scars and see them as ugly, but as a reminder for how strong you are. You are not a broken object that needs to be fixed. You are an artist painting your soul, a musician dancing to her own music with bass and treble only you can hear.

I hope you are surrounded by people who love you and appreciate you; may they never take your heart for granted. I hope they see you and see how beautiful your soul is. I hope that they don’t pressure you to be someone you are not, that you have to rise to meet their standards in order for them to accept you. I hope that you are comfortable with who you are around them. I hope that you love what you love and don’t let anyone else influence you otherwise.

I hope you are enjoying this adventure that we call life. Like a great mountain, getting to the top is always slow and arduous. Sometimes it can be incredibly painful; it can be filled with so much doubt and fog. Sometimes it can feel so lonely and confusing, like being in a vast desert filled with only your faith to guide you and so many mirages to distract you. Keep trusting your intuition — you will always know the answer and you will always find your way.

I hope you hold fast to your dreams and that you never let anyone take them away from you. Don’t ever let anyone try to convince you how silly they are. Those are yours and only you can bring them into this world. Let your light shine on them and your love will give them life.

Remember that even when you feel alone, you’re never alone. I’m always with you. Even if you were a grain in a sea of sand, I will find you.