I Hope You’re Happy With Your Loneliness


I hope you’re happy with being alone. I hope you’re happy that you have no one to call when you’re down because you never let anyone come close enough to know your dark side.

I hope you’re happy that you don’t have a consistent friend to talk to when you can’t find anyone who understands you. I hope you’re happy that you didn’t let anyone in when they tried to knock down all your walls.

I hope you’re content with your comfort zone. With the safety of knowing no one can hurt you because no one can even come close to you. I hope you truly enjoy keeping your loved ones at arm’s length because you just don’t want them to see the real you.

I hope you’re happy that no one really knows you and maybe no one really loves you. I hope you’re satisfied with staying inside your bubble of perfection, unaware of what it’s like to be human, to make mistakes, to be loved with all your flaws, or to be accepted for who you really are.

I hope your loneliness makes you feel safe but I also hope you know that there is a way out. There is solace in intimacy. There is beauty in letting people in.

I hope you understand that sometimes showing people your weakness will only make you stronger and being vulnerable will make them love you even more.

I hope you realize that some people out there will see all your dark sides and stay, they’ll put up with you and not complain and they’ll love you even when you’re being hard to love.

I hope you know that loneliness is not the antidote to heartbreak. I hope you know that pushing people away is not going to save you from their troubles.

I hope you’re lonely because you actually like being alone. I hope this is not how you deal with grief, heartbreak or disappointment.

I also hope you know that some people are just a phone call away, ready to show up at your door, waiting for you to let them in.