I Keep Praying To God That I Will Find You Someday Soon


I probably haven’t met you or maybe we passed by each other on a parallel road. Maybe we’ve shared a glance for a second or two in the middle of a bustling street. Maybe we’re friends who haven’t realized yet that we could happen.

I pray for you too often that I can imagine God smiling as He hears about you for the millionth time. It hasn’t always been easy to wait for you but by His grace I hope to give you all that I have and not just fragments of what’s left.

I pray that Jesus locked my heart up and will give you the key when the clock strikes at the most perfect time. I will ignore the knocks and wait for the tinkling sound of your key. Then, I’ll know you’re home.

I long to sip morning coffee with you while we munch on cookies I baked the night before. I’m excited to gaze at your eyes that reflect the Milky Way as we lie back on the sandy shore under the night sky. I yearn to explore the stardust that we were both made of.

We’ll wander around unfamiliar places as we embrace our likeness and unlikeness. I want to know what inspires you and what annoys you. I want to see all your flaws and love you nonetheless.

I dream of the little things and big ideas we are going to create together. We’ll grow in love and faith every day. We’ll glorify Him with our relationship in spite of our individual imperfections, or maybe because of it.

Until then, I will learn to cook better so I can whip up the best dish you’ll ever taste. I will write short poems I can slip into your pocket soon.

I hope you won’t mind me singing off-key and nerding out over my tall pile of books. I hope you smile at my nuances and weirdness.

I will try to be the kind of woman that deserves you, the man I’m praying for. Most of all, I will continue to seek Jesus first so I can love you with the best of my understanding of His love.

Until then, I hope you won’t get too tired of finding me. Focus on your dreams and know that I’m here, living and breathing in full colors. I’ll cheer you up one day. If you’re feeling gloomy right now, I hope you read this and shine up a bit.

I will always be praying for you and I hope soon I will be praying with you.