I Know There Is No One Who Could Love Me Like You Do


I look into your honest, brown eyes and I know that my heart belongs to you whether I want it to or not. I know that my heart has bound itself to you and that it can’t ever imagine someone who could make it feel as full as you do.

Being with you is realizing that we can be as quietly endless as the galaxy and finding so much comfort in the analogy. It’s knowing that what you and I have is more than average.

You make me feel timeless. As though minutes and seconds and hours and days are nothing when we’re together. We live by moments rather than time. While some look at their clocks, we look back on our best memories.

You’ve taught me that life is frivolous and fun and beautiful, even when it’s sad and I admire that most about you. You brought light into a life that was completely blinded by darkness, my life.

You were the oxygen I was letting myself become deprived of and you were a choice I never knew I could have the opportunity to choose. Being loved by you has easily been the best feeling that has ever overcome me. I’ve only ever been overcome by negativity and disappointment and you were different and I knew that the second you opened your mouth.

You were raw and you had no walls built up and I vowed then to embrace that and to never ever give you a reason to build the walls many people have become so familiar with. You have always been my four leaf clover.

You love me endlessly and I cannot even imagine a combination of analogies or metaphors or words that could do what I feel for you any justice.

You have always been my reason for everything. My reason to be my best self, my reason to live life joyously, my reason to smile and my reason to love. You are everything I’ve ever needed.