I Know What It’s Like To Have Your Heart Destroyed By The Ones You Love


I know what it’s like;

I know how it feels to touch your soul.

As the sun rises, I instantly snap out of the dream, that’s when I realize that you left me in the middle of nowhere.

I wanted to protect you from the ruthless world. I fought day and night for us, but in the end, it wasn’t enough for you. Now, here I am burying my love for you, burying my emotions, I bury them under the northern lights. The same lights where you rescued me from and brought me back to life.

You were the purest thing that had crossed my path. We gave each other just enough to keep from falling hopelessly in love, hopelessly in a never-ending dream. For you I became ready. Ready to take the first step, I was ready to collide, no seat belts, no airbags, just pure energy from one soul to another; I was ready to crash and give everything I had to protect you from the monsters.

I was hopeful, I was naïve, I had never felt so betrayed in my life. How could I have known that you were the monster that I was fighting all along? I gave everything, every drop of blood; I gave my last breath fighting the monster you became.

Just know that you changed my world, I was destroyed repeatedly trying to rescue you from what you had become. I guess I am to blame. I helped you become that monster. You were conflicted and didn’t know the correct path between good and evil. I pushed you to be the best you could be, I taught you to believe in yourself, but who would have thought that your fullest form was my worst nightmare. You became the monster that I had spent my whole life-fighting.

Now you are going around stabbing me in the back, asking me to stop loving you. How can I stop? I made you my queen and I would die protecting you. You took the first-class seat in the heart.

I felt your soul for the last time as you rip my heart out of my body and set it on fire.

I know what it’s like to get your heart destroyed by the ones you love.