I Know What You Did Last Summer


I know what you did this summer. Or I guess by now, it’s last summer.  Well, ha, ha. But I know what you did.

I know that you walked into a bar.  A girl walks into a bar.  It’s funny that the beginning of great romances and terrible jokes start out the exact same way.   Well, not “ha, ha” funny. More like “lol”.

I know that you killed two white spiders by their web in your bedroom.  Before that though, you googled them. You worried that they were venomous crab spiders and they would bite you in your sleep. Crab spiders don’t spin webs though.  Sometimes, when you’re scared, it can be difficult to identify a true threat.

I know that you ran until your feet carved a groove next to the East River. I know that you drenched your body in sweat and ignored several heat advisory warnings. I know you did that on your runs as well. You should never ignore a heat advisory.

I know that you read a lot. I know that you chugged words and gulped sentences. I know that you were looking for answers to very specific questions. I know that you haven’t completely found them.

I know that you spent sweaty nights on rooftops hoping that maybe the sky would just suck you up into it for a while. Or that at least your grill would work correctly.  I know you filled your Weber with charcoal and waited. I know that you like a slow burn.

I know you considered learning to kayak, but find the idea of being stuck in something terrifying.  You find the idea of being stuck in something terrifying. You find the idea of being stuck in something terrifying. You find the idea of being stuck in something terrifying.

I know that you missed the 4th of July fireworks because you were having an important conversation. But you’ve seen fireworks before, right? You’ve seen one fireworks show, you’ve seen them all. The only thing that changes about fireworks is who you’re with when you watch them

I know that you ate a lot of fruit, so I guess the last three months weren’t a total wash, nutritionally speaking. I know that you left some good and bad things behind. I know that you tried to tell me something, but I wasn’t listening.   I know that I am listening now.

What am I doing other than that?

I don’t know.