I Know You Think Of Me


I know you think of me.

I know it’s been a few years now and you’ve moved on with girl after girl and you seem happy, you really do…

but I know you think of me.

Maybe not as often as I’d like or as much as I think of you but I know you do.

You were a tornado to my life. You came out of the blue, destroyed everything in your tracks and left nothing behind… but I know I cross your mind.

When you can’t sleep, when you’re tossing around in bed letting your mind race, I bet it races back to me.

When you’re in bed on a Saturday night, maybe even lying next to her, I bet you wonder what I’m doing, what I’m wearing, and hoping that I’m still too broken to open myself up to someone else.

When you hear someone laughing in a distance, and it resembles mine. The kind of laugh that shakes your bones, that cannot be stop, but can only be admired. You used to love my laugh and now I kind of hate it.

Although these moments of reflection for you may be brief, and they may not consume you, as they do me, I know they happen.

I know from time to time, I cross your mind.

If you had your way, I’d be lying in the same place you broke me, completely shattered and alone, because although you don’t care enough to want me, you’d rather me be alone than with anyone else.

You may have destroyed my self-confidence, you may have broken me, but I’d like to think I’ve broken you too. You may still have a power over me, but it will pass and time will heal me.

As for you, you may not love me, or want to be with me, but I know you’ll always think of me.