To Help You Weather The Cold: 5 Truly Great Things About Winter


Now this may be a controversial topic. But in my opinion, winter gets a lot of flack for being, well, winter. Yes it’s colder than the rest, and yes nobody looks cute in 7 layers (10 layers if you live in Canada) of thermal wear with snot slowly seeping into the once cute faux-fur hood on your parka. But I think everybody’s forgetting the many upsides of the winter season. Seriously. Hear me out.

1. Netflix.

There is literally no better opportunity to watch every television show/movie ever made. Being confined to one’s home for months on end has its pluses, you see. Why not check out all the Oscar-buzz movies you’ve put off watching for months? In the mood for some deep, dark shame/anger? Try 12 Years A Slave. No seriously, that movie’s so good. Or maybe you’re in the mood to hate everything and everyone? Try Blackfish. Again, seriously watch Blackfish and tell me you don’t feel EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. Just whatever you do, don’t watch Spring Breakers. Or Wet Hot American Summer.

2. Fashion.

Layering is the cat’s pajamas (which FYI are layered under a smart Burberry trench.) Scarves, toques, hoodies under structured pea coats UGH I LOVE IT. Also while on the topic, men in pea coats > men in shorts.

3. Smell.

Okay, this one’s a bit weird. But if you live in a large city you know what I’m talking about. It’s like the cold air presses pause on the forever stench of city life.

4. Food.

Let’s be honest, everything tastes better when you’re not wearing high-waisted cut-off shorts.

5. Appreciation.

Winter is full of appreciative moments. Coming in from the cold outdoors to your warm, toasty home. Having your friends battle the elements just to see you. Appreciating all the festive holiday decorations. Appreciating when people take down said decorations before April.