I Let Down My Walls For You, And All You Did Was Break Me



Please know that it took me bones, flesh, blood and a lot of nerve cells to pull down these walls I built for years against swindling, tricks and fraud because I thought it was worth it.

But I admit that I had thought of it a million times if this mess was worth my insanity. I know, I know, that it can never be but hey you came out like a rainbow even if there was never really a storm. You painted the heavens, your colors attracted me and I’ve had a hard time breaking my rules and my walls to see those vivid colors.

You were like a sun that made the western welkin blush. And I noticed that you were shining on me. I saw your big smile wide as an ocean. The rays made my veins glow inside my body.

I never really wanted anybody. I was just a body at rest; an independent clause that can stand alone. I was so content of myself I thought nobody can please me. My strong walls are enough to have me comforted.

But somebody saw me over those high walls surrounding me. It was you. I never really thought that someone could see me that way. I was invisible even without a cloak but you were the only one who made me feel I wasn’t. We enjoyed each other’s company. We talked about those days when we were younger.

I admire the thought of you remembering the sound I made when I laughed while giggling with my seat mates at the back of your row. I loved the riddles and the puns you let me answer. We discovered we both loved to read! You liked classic and I liked modern books.

Oh, you had me at classic. We let each other read our favorites. And you know what? In every book I was reading, I used to think that Mr. Darcy is you, Mr. Gatsby is you, Mr. Rochester is you, Romeo is you. I saw you in them. It made me love you even more because you acted as if you are them.

We used to exchange romantic lines from the books we read. You sent me messages that Romeo said to Juliet every day. You made me feel so special. It was wonderful. I knew we were happy.

You told me some secrets. You were secretive. I’m glad you told me. But by you telling me those things, I realized that you were just using me for revenge, to forget your past but you were still very upset that you two broke up

I am not made of anesthesia; I was born with great sensitivity. I can easily smell a burning fire of truth.

All I did for the last 21 years of my life was to do things right, not perfect. And when you found out that she was over you, you stopped communicating with me. I was insane for a day wondering how you were doing. Your name says active now but you don’t send me messages like you used to before.

I felt like I was Amy on the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, used by Tom just to get Becky jealous of them. I call it a betrayal to my honest feelings. I asked you and my accusations were true. It hurts more than a stab to know that I’ve been used as a rebound even if you didn’t even love her but you grieve over unimportant things too much and too late.

I never thought that you, the first human being I’ve ever loved would cause me too much pain.

But I thank you for being honest with me. At least, I can just tell myself to move on and forget all about it. I had to let you go. It is a very easy thing for me. I’ve trained myself enough not to please other people’s attention.

I told you, I was made with a strong foundation. But I admit it really hurt the shit out of me. Now I have to wait until this wound in my heart heals.

Good thing, my bones were never broken, every morsel of my flesh was never ripped off, my blood did not stop circulating and I still have myriads of these nerve cells in my system.

But never will I build another walls because my bones and flesh are bonded by super mega ultra-mighty bonds and my blood is an overflowing river, my nervous system is still doing its job so well, I found out. I can still live well, only with a hole in the heart.