I Like To Go Through Strangers’ Closets And Sit In The Middle Of The Room


Being in stranger’s bedroom is one of my secret favorite things. It is kind of creepy and kind of weird, but I do not care. I like seeing the things they collect, the colors they fill their room with, the smells that catch on the fabrics. It feels freeing, exciting, naughty, mysterious.

Summer house parties of running your hands over fancy clothes that aren’t yours, and trying on heels that are too big for you, drinking stranger’s wine. Jumping on the bed with that old high school crush, kissing in corners you shouldn’t be, and passing out in their bathtub to wake up forgetting where you are.

The kitchen floor is the most comforting place I can sit in a house.

A warm rug, pets that tackle you, a good view of what is cooking in the oven. People may have to step over or around you, but you are in the center of the action, in a perfect place for conversation.

Eating in the bathtub is another guilty pleasure. Two of the most comforting things are warm water and food, so put together you create an extremely relaxing situation for yourself.

There is nothing quite like coming home from a party and eating a carrot muffin in a hot bath in the middle of the night.

Waking up swaddled in fluffy blankets, with the rain softly falling outside my open window is my favorite start to a morning.

My room always smells like blackberries and the forest for some reason. With warm blankets and cool sheets, my bed is by far my favorite place in my house.