I Love Makeup And I’m Not Afraid To Admit It


My obsession began with one thing: beauty vlogers.

Before I knew it I was staying up late into the night watching them. “Yeah I’ve already watched a video about a rose gold eye shadow look, but this other YouTuber is using a completely different pallet so I have to watch it.” I’d rationalize. And find any excuse to watch more.

However, while I was slowly but surely falling in love with the art of makeup, I still found myself kind of wary. “Am I going to look vain if I’m that obsessed with makeup?”, “Will it turn me into something I’m not?”, “Does this mean I’m not confident with the way I look?” I’d ask myself questions like these and would be hesitant with who I expressed my newly found love to. But after almost a year of having an enjoyable hobby and a reasonable knowledge about the art, I am not embarrassed any more.

I am absolutely in love with makeup.

Because to me, makeup is a form of expressing my creativity. I get excited when I buy a new makeup brush, just like a painter gets excited to buy a new paint brush.

Painting or drawing always stressed me out. I know there’s not a right or wrong way when it comes to those types of things, but I always felt like I was doing something off. I’m not sure what it is, it just never clicked for me.

But when I sit down at my vanity and practice a new eye shadow technique, I feel like a freaking artist. Blending, sculpting, painting. My face is a new canvas every morning, and I get to create something different each day.

I haven’t felt this artistic in a while and I can’t even begin to explain how happy that make me. I’m also constantly learning! “Which colors go best together?”, “What’s the best brush to use when applying this certain pigmented eye shadow?” That’s what makes it so interesting. I discover new things about it all the time.

And being a makeup-lover does not define the type of person I am. I’m also a person who loves weird music, tattooss, Tim Burton movies, anything sci-fi, iced coffee, and sketch comedy. (I’m actually a walking paradox sometimes).

Also, I will not apologize for thinking the term “take her swimming on the first date” is absolute garbage. Can I leave the house without makeup on? Heck yes! I do it all the time. I have a 9am class three times a week. There is no way in hell I am waking up at 6am to get ready. Ya girl loves sleep. Foundation and a little mascara and I’m out the door. However, if I want to go to work with a full glam face, I will. Because I can.

So ladies (and gentlemen, too!) don’t be afraid to show off what you love! If you know the different between the 20 different shades of red lipstick you own and have mastered the art of contour, that’s a freaking talent!

And never allow someone else to make you feel like less of a human being. You are a living, breathing, functioning person who deserves their very best chance and eyebrow pencil in this world.