I Love Music More Than I’ll Ever Love Any Man


We all have faced roadblocks that stop us from getting into a relationship. I personally have had this issue for quite some time now. I end up meeting someone, they seem to be a person I get along with and even start looking forward to hanging out with, and then instead of catching any further feelings, I start catching vibes.

You’re probably like: Hold up, what? What the heck is she talking about? Lucky for you I have an explanation. A rather good one, actually.

I have these thoughts over and over again. Well, at least a handful of times from the slim picking of guys I have gotten the chance to connect with. I keep thinking: What is going on and why am I losing interest?

Then I think to myself: It’s because he isn’t music.

OK, don’t call me crazy quite yet.

After this thought initially popped into my head several months ago, I actually started to believe it more and more. As I drive down the highway with my music bumping, as I pop my headphones on to go for a run and tune into my favorite Spotify station or even as I lay in bed and download new songs, I enter a new world of feel-good thoughts and inspiration. Thoughts and feelings I am not quite sure a guy could give me..

Dating today is a lot different than it used to be. We have to be brave. We basically have to prepare to take action, place our feelings out on a slender branch and hope to goodness that branch doesn’t break, leaving us confused and back in that boy-bashing state I mentioned earlier.

You risk getting your feelings brought to an unexplainable, enjoyable height, just be let down again and again.

Music doesn’t do that to you. I promise.


You know those chills you get when you hear a good song? There’s a reason for them. Music has the ability to release dopamine, also known as the feel-good chemical that is directly involved with motivation and emotions. It is the same chemical that is connected with the feeling of euphoria, which is associated with eating and pleasurable acts such as sex. I’m sure you are familiar with K$sha’s song “Your Love Is My Drug.” Well, much love to you girl, but music is my drug.

I think this research justifies exactly why music is just as, if not more, satisfying than the extra things a guy can give you. Yeah, guys can take you out for dinner, and they can also make you feel pretty dang good. For a lot of them – sorry to call anyone out – those things are the only things on their minds.

Let’s be honest: Pleasurable actions are something that a lot of people look for in a relationship, and quite honestly, are essential for the success of a quality bond between two people. We look forward to that physical touch, whether it be a hug you get after a long day, holding hands while watching a movie or even sitting next to each other while grabbing a bite to eat. No matter the level of pleasure, feeling good together is something a lot of people rely on and helps signify the quality of the relationship itself.

Except the thing is, music already does that for me. It takes care of all of these different aspects, without any issues, drama or explanation. It takes care of my pleasurable needs.


If you are as music-crazed as I am, you probably agree with me that there is nothing better than getting totally lost in your favorite song. However, if I did have to make an exception to listening to music during my daily activities, food would be a pretty close opponent.

I think a lot of people would agree that there is something so amazing about eating one of your favorite meals. This feeling is pretty identical to getting lost in your music. No wonder we eat and listen to music when we celebrate, we rely on food and songs to make us feel better when we are sad, we even just eat and listen to music for the heck of it!

Music is something that will always take care of your emotions.


Unfortunately, until you find the right guy, you may be struggling to meet someone because that communication and connection just isn’t there. Or, you may be in a relationship that quite frankly isn’t going how you want it because you or your significant other may not respect each other.

Have no fear though, because music will always respect you.


I am a firm believer that everything that has happened to me is connected to a song. If I scroll through my iPod and click on a song that I downloaded several months ago because I am in the mood for a throwback, you better believe a memory of some event around the time I downloaded that song will immediately pop into my head.

Songs trigger memories, and if they are good ones, I assure you that song will make you feel even better. To me, this just proves how strong music really is, and if you are a music fiend like myself, it convinces me even more that the power music has over me is something very untouchable, incomparable and hard to compete with.


In today’s world, dating has turned into something totally different, with one of the main reasons for this being the way technology has progressed. There are so many things you have to worry about, such as when to follow someone on social media, when the appropriate time is to start liking their pictures and commenting on them, and even when to start posting pictures of each other together. If you are a couple that can do these things on an agreeable level, that’s wonderful. However, if you are one of those kinds of people that pay attention to every little detail of what not to do or do on social media, I can’t promise you your dating life is going to get any better.

Don’t worry. Music has only gotten better, easier, simpler and more wonderful. With music, you can like whatever the heck you want. With the various music applications out there, you can actually choose how you want your music playlists to sound. Not only can you choose which genre you want to listen to depending on how you are feeling or what you are doing, you can also virtually give a thumbs up and thumbs down to customize your music experience.

Can you imagine giving a guy the “thumbs down” to a guy when you get tired of them? See how they handle it. Even though it may be nice if this were possible, you can’t just look at them, give them the actual thumbs down motion and move on. With music, you can customize, progress or move on from it whenever and however you want to. Post about it, share your favorite music video, do whatever your heart desires.

If you can’t tell, aside from the confusion I have felt with the whole guy topic, music is my life. It always will be. Falling in love with something that will always make me feel good is what I hope to have happen to me one day. It would be wonderful to get close to a guy, and I am certainly not opposed to it. I believe that finding someone who makes me feel almost as good as music is certainly possible, but with the heavy mixture of genres currently sitting on my iPod, it’s going to take something extra special to make me feel as good as music does.

Now, let me put my headphones back on.