I Love The Holidays But I Hate How They Make Me Think Of You


I love the holidays, I love how the air is filled with love and hope, how you can sense the warmth even if it’s freezing cold and how everyone just loves each other a little bit more.

But then I remember how it felt to love you and how this time of the year makes me remember all the things we used to do together and suddenly the holidays are not the same.

I can be surrounded by a lot of people but I still feel so lonely without you. I think the holidays are meant to be spent with those who hold a special place in your heart and those who will somehow always be in your life and I can’t believe you’re gone, I can’t believe your name will no longer be under the Christmas tree and I can’t even imagine that you could be enjoying the holidays with someone else.

Because that was our thing,

that’s when we knew we loved each other and that’s when we realized we want to spend all holidays together.

Now the holidays are bittersweet because I’m supposed to count everything I’m thankful for but I can’t count you and I’m supposed to tell everyone how much I love them but I can’t tell you.

But I guess that’s the thing about this time of the year, you’re supposed to forgive, you’re supposed to let go and you’re supposed to wish your loved ones all the best.

So this is my wish for you, I wish that you’re happy wherever you are, even if I’m not there.

I wish that you still make everyone around you happy no matter what you’re going through, I wish that your heart is still big, bigger than ever because that’s what made you stand out.

I wish that your favorite time of the year is filled with nothing but love, success, health and laughter because you deserve to be happy and you deserved to be loved.

I wish that you’ve accomplished everything you wanted this year so you don’t fret about all the missed opportunities and the things you couldn’t achieve, I hope that you realize that what you did was enough and you are more than enough.

But more than anything, I hope that wherever you are, you still think of me, I hope that this time of the year makes you remember me too and I hope that when you think of the ones you love, I’m still on your list.