I Love You, But At Some Point I Will Have To Let You Go


We lie on the hood of a car looking at the stars,
And all I can think about are possibilities,
The ways we could potentially connect,
The adventures we could go on.

But I feel like the moon.

I feel like the moon because I’m always there,
Waiting for you every night to come out and view me.

I show up regardless of what’s happened during the day.

But can I say the same for you?

My light shines so bright through the darkness,

It conveys my sense of optimism,
My love for the world and those around me.
I see potential in you, I see potential in US,
Which is why I keep showing up.

I feel like the moon because I’m so far away from you,

And you seem to be okay with both the mental and physical distance.
You give me the most nonsensical excuses as to who you are,
Or why you do the things you do.
You make it appear as if you’re impervious to change,
However I know that is not true. I know you can grow.

Why do you neglect to let me in?


I try hard to get to know you, but I run into walls,

Walls that are so tall, I’d never be able to climb over them.

But I keep trying every night because I care,

I genuinely care about you. Do you know that?


I feel like the moon because I’m always patiently waiting,
But I won’t wait around forever.
I know who I am and I know what I want,
I do not need your approval.
There are others who will appreciate my light.


I love you, but I can’t keep doing this,
At some point, I’ll have to let you go.