I Love Your Heart And Your Mind


I love how much you love.

I love that you see beauty and meaning and reason for life in every aspect of the moments you are alive. I love that when it rains, you smile and close your eyes to only listen to the pitter-patters of raindrop echoes, and when it storms, you relish in the booms and flashes of light and you grin in how amazing our sky can be. I love that when you see children playing and laughing, you laugh along in kind-heartedness at how carefree and beautiful childhood is. And when you see elderly people on their daily walks or at a coffee shop, your heart softens at how wonderful a full life can and will be. I love that you love and care so much for your family and how much you enjoy sharing your life with them and being with them as much as possible. I love that you stay close to your brothers and sisters, and still say, “I love you,” to them whenever you can. I love that your friends are just as important to you and that you laugh and cry freely with them because your love is so open. You are such a cherishing being, and your love proves that there is no limit and no end to what your heart is capable of.

Your heart is one that truly loves more. And sometimes it can hurt. Sometimes loving more means that others don’t love as much. And it is a let-down. It makes your heart feel broken and it feels like a punch to your emotions. Sometimes, people can’t understand why you care so much. When you give them your heart, they don’t know how to grasp it, and they let it fall. And somehow, each time, you pick it back up, dust it off, smooth out the kinks and cracks as best as you can, and save it for the next. I love how much your heart is capable of loving. And that you never give up on sharing your love with people and the world. No matter what.

I love how powerful and magical your mind is.

I love that you are always thinking of the world and the people in your life. I love that your loved ones are always on your mind with every decision you make and that you are always thinking of ways to bring more happiness and joy into their lives. I love that you never lose sight of who you love and what you love and that you take that thought everywhere with you. I love that when you are at a bookstore, titles and books catch your eye and remind you of a friend who would love it. I love that when the sun is shining outside and the air is warm, your first thought is to call your friends to enjoy the weather with you. I love that you can stay so focused on life itself and that you consciously make an effort to enjoy every moment of it. And I love how otherworldly and mystical your train of thought can be. How it can shift from people you love to aliens and heaven, and the spectral and imaginative and magical wonders of life.

Your mind is so capable and so extraordinary. It is a gift that you use in courtesy of others, so above and beyond, that sometimes you don’t use it for yourself. You are so gifted in caring for other peoples’ happiness, that sometimes you forget to think of your own. Your consideration and tenderness is spread to everyone but you, and only when you are alone do you realize that you forgot to give that love to yourself. But this is okay. You are doing fine. Your love and care is something that is recognized by the ones who truly care. And they will always return that compassion and love to you. I love how focused your mind is on sharing your love. It is never-ending and incessant. You reflect how love should be and what love is meant to be.

I love you, and your giving heart, and your selfless mind. Your loving heart and your stunning and beautiful mind are yours, and yours only. Never let anyone take that from you.