I Loved You With Everything I Had In Me


Don’t fall for sweet words. Don’t look back. Don’t start thinking about him. Don’t start crying yourself to sleep again. Don’t look for him in every person you meet. Don’t make plans for the future. Don’t let this person make you bitter. Your only poisoning yourself. Don’t text or call him. Don’t compare yourself to his new half. Don’t extinguish your life for the sake of his. Don’t choose him every day. Don’t embrace the memories. Don’t let your mind get cloudy. Don’t read the love notes. Don’t read this goodbye note. Don’t let him destroy you. Just don’t!

*I wrote this for you years ago….not sure why I keep looking back it. All I know is if maybe I can help someone from hurting like I did. Then it’s worth putting it out into the universe. This isn’t for you. None of this is. Let’s make that clear. This is for me. For my mental sanity. For my broken heart. For the girl I used to be. For the love we used to have.  For me to move on.

So maybe I was wrong in thinking

We were meant to be

and that we were made for each other.

Maybe we were never supposed

to fall in love the way we did.

Hell, we probably weren’t even

suppose to meet when we did

or maybe we shouldn’t have met at all.

But I know this much, if we aren’t meant to be

I can’t seem to come to terms with goodbye,

and if we weren’t supposed to fall in love

them this was the most beautiful mistake

I’ve ever made,

and if I hadn’t met you,

I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I loved you with everything

I had in me.

Do you remember? Because I do.