I Made You Who You Are, Only For You To End Up With Someone Else


I wonder what women fear the most when a relationship is ending. I used to be afraid of heart break and then it happened. It was hard to deal with and still is..years later. You’ll never forget that pain. I’m the youngest in the family on my mom side so I seen how people reacted, the tears they would shed and even depression. But as I got older, I realized it’s deeper than heart break.

You spend so much time, energy and dedicating all of you to a man. For whatever reason, there’s no more trying left. There’s no more communicating, it’s just done. Over with. For a while I was afraid to leave someone that I knew was not for me. It wasn’t about starting over with someone else and it wasn’t about figuring out how I would move on. It was simply, I helped you with your resume.

I built it, I created it. I gave you the skills and the experience and now I have to watch you apply for another woman?

Everything I taught you, you’re gonna do with her. Maybe better now that you have some experience right? Everything that we shared are only memories and here you are ready to make new ones with someone you just met, who gives you the feeling I used to give you in the beginning of our relationship.

Do you know how bad that hurts to watch a man you built throughout the years, show what he learned with another woman? She didn’t put the time in, the patience, the tears, the breakups and getting back together. She didn’t teach you to open her doors, how to cook, how to hold her or how to kiss her.

So when she met you, she thought you were everything and more. She thought you were a perfect gentleman and knew how to treat a woman.

She can thank ME for that.

How ironic is it that you finally learned how to love a woman and treat her like a queen when I had nothing else left to give? When a relationship between you and I was inevitable.

You finally learned how to treat me when I left you. But everyone you date after me, will know me as a reference.

I built your resume.