I Missed You When His Hands Were On Me


I miss knowing familiarity was there in the morning.
I miss filling my weekdays with you.
I miss getting drunk and ending my night beside you.

I miss waking up hung over with you.
I miss knowing whatever you said would cure that hangover.

I miss your hands.
I miss your hair.
I miss your arms.

I miss not having free time.

I miss dancing with you on Thursday nights.
I miss your dumb shoes.

I miss your dumb jokes.
I miss your pointless stories.
I miss your not-so-soft snoring.

I missed you when his hands were on me.
I missed you when he woke up and left in a hurry.
I missed you when my head was pounding with regret.
I missed you when he didn’t text me back.

I miss you.