I Never Thought I’d Get Excited Over An Exclamation Mark


So many people argue that our tendency to default to texting as our primary means of communication (especially the oft-maligned 20-somethings) has resulted in a more isolated and indifferent community where people are concurrently the most and least connected they’ve ever been. And I admit to being one of these people. One of those people who condescendingly states things like “why don’t you actually call someone and have an actual conversation” or “how the fuck did LOL become so ubiquitous, we don’t even use it in real life”.

But now I have to eat those words.

Sure, I’ve maybe laughed inwardly or smiled at a text before, but yesterday I had a full-fledged emotional response to three words and an exclamation mark. I felt connected to someone who was hours away just by reading that short line. So even though I’ve argued the benefits of face to face talking and outwardly worried about the future of the way we communicate, I have realized the possibility to have meaningful connections in alternative formats.

And all this from a slightly drunken text.

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, where we live and work a couple of hours away from each other. We call and talk to each other every day and make the best out of the situation we have to work with for the time being. And we text a fair amount during the day as well, just regular check-ins to see how each other’s days are going. But to be honest, if I could call and chat during the work day, I’d prefer that over the texts.

But sometimes a call can’t be made, so texting is a decent alternative. Sometimes your boyfriend is having drinks with his brothers on a weekday night to catch up because his weekends are spent with you, and he still texts you to check in. And sometimes, a good night text from your boyfriend who is about to pass out makes your heart ache in the best way.

“I love you!”

That exclamation point did me in like no other written message has before. Maybe it’s the fact that I believe the truth comes out when you are buzzed or slightly inebriated. Maybe it’s the fact that my boyfriend is not usually an effusive guy. Maybe it’s just the fact that I love him back just as much, maybe even to the !! level.

He loves me. Exclamation mark.