I Never Thought That I Would Find You


Just as I saw the stars, I remember what my mother had said
“Once in a lifetime”
So is this the sunrise that I’ve been waiting for?
Enchanting, it might be

Everyday, a new sky is born
Up to now, the sun rises and sets with you
Galaxies far beyond my perspective
Escape from your eyes
Never had I seen such a beautiful night
Endless, never wavering

Looking forward, I reach for the stars
And all I could see was a
Path that led to the end
It was what I’ve been waiting for

You never fail to surprise me
All the wonders that escape from you
Precious as the sunlight that peaks through the trees
Traded in secret, hidden in whispers
As if there were other people listening
Never mind them, focus on me, focus on us
Go where our hearts lead us to
Come away with me
Open up and speak your mind to me

I’d never thought that I would find you

Lost in the deep
Oceans with no life
Vest of my own, you saved me from drowning
Entering into uncharted waters, you leaped

Why you
Why be the hero in my story
Why fight off the dragons
Why be the knight who saves the damsel in distress
Why be the prince who climbs the tallest tower
Why you

Why me

Oh it turns out someone else can save me other than myself
Oh help me out of this tower
Oh but I’m scared of falling
Oh but it’s not falling
Oh then what is it called
Oh it’s called flying

You have rescued me from the start
You climbed the tower
You have faced many villains in our story
You have slain the dragons
You changed this damsel in distress and made her into the hero of her own story
You taught her how to fly

You never give up
You seem to have a lot of surprises in store and although
You sleep a lot, this makes you a dreamer
You the only person who makes people happy by just being you
You whose presence makes people that dawn is approaching
You whose very existence makes me thank the heavens for being real

You will always have a place in my heart — no matter what happens
Villains may come our way and threaten to put thorns in our path, but
Remember this
I will have my sword ready to fight for what we believe in
I will have my shield ready to defend our castle
You may have taught me how to fly
The only way I’m flying to is
Towards you.