I Only Married My Wife Because I Owed Her Family $10,000


Originally published on Reddit.com

So growing up, I was the usual jerk. My Dad left me when I was around 6, my Mom was an alcoholic and abusive, and I basically was living in a dump with her. Life sucked like shit.

The best part was going to school. No, it was not the teachers, they fucking sucked. It was my friends who respected me and accepted me for the jerk I am. I enjoyed socializing with them. They made me day. However; they were bullies.

Now, I didn’t give a shit about bullying. I knew it happened but as long as I didn’t do it or was the victim, I was fine. In comes this shy, scared, and nervous looking girl in middle school. My girlfriends began to group up and bully her for almost a couple of weeks. I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to take part or be the victim. I just wanted to fucking finish school at the time.

The bullying continued for the girl. She would cry, hide, and tried to stay away from school as long as she could. When my friends locked her into a locker once, I stopped them.

I guess she used that opportunity to get to know me. When my friends skipped school, she would come and talk to me or sit near me at lunch. She would share her lunch with me since I had nothing. She helped me with my homework which I had no idea about. And she began to pay me which I liked.

I guess in return, I stopped my friends from getting to her. I owed her that. As years went by, she invited me to dinner with her parents, we would hang-out together, and she’d pay for everything, which again, I liked. I liked her but she loved me, if you know what that feels like.

As time continued to go by, I got my drivers license at 17. The problem was that a car would cost a lot of money and insurance for a young person like myself was a lot. So I asked her parents for the money saying I will pay them back.

I knew they would say no. They should have said no. Everything would be so different if they did. But they said yes, and bought me my very own car.

After that moment, I realized that I had to take care of their daughter, at least until I paid them back. I would drive her anywhere, everywhere, we became closer and closer. She was so happy with me and always has a smile on her face when she sees me.

It was her that kissed me first, it was her that brought me to her church, it was her that proposed to me, and it was both of us that got married to each-other and gave each-other our virginity.

We’ve been married for 10 years tomorrow. I still owe her parents for the car and owe my wife all the cash she gave me. I like her, but she loves me so much. I’ve never cheated on her or ever thought about it. Our lives are perfect, but I wish I could let her know that I don’t love her the way she loves me.

To conclude, I work a minimum wage job and my wife is a teacher. We don’t have kids. She loves me so much, but if I could take it all back, I would.