I Only Want You


I want us to rest together and dream together.
I want your body next to mine, with you already worlds away.
I want to hear you breathe. I want to hear you dream.
I want to look over at you, and smile.
I want to look over at you, and observe your closed eyes, delicate skin, soft lips.
I want to look over at you, and not be afraid of my tears any longer.

I want us to travel together, across the world, across our minds.
I want us to distract each other from the beauties of the world.
I want us to direct each other to one another.
I want us to dance beneath the waterfall, washing away whatever held us back.
I want us to sleep in the warmest summer, ready for the coldest winter.
I want us to talk, with both words and silences.
I want us to walk for miles and miles and miles. I want to never stop.
I want us to teach, even though we’re always going to be students.

I want our eyes to make discoveries.
I want our hands to become best friends.
I want our feet to never bruise.
I want our words to mean something, mean everything.
I want your shoulder to always be ready.
I want your infinity to remain strong, even in decaying time.
I want your legs guided with mine.
I want your memories never tainted, always blossoming.
I want your mind to be clear.
I want your blessed body forming into a soul.
I only want you.