I Promise, He Will Be Worth Waiting For


Just wait, he will arrive.

He will arrive when you least expect it. He will arrive the moment you are content with your own life. He will arrive when you have set plans for yourself without even considering anyone else. He will arrive when you’re enjoying living life on your own without obligations to anyone. He will arrive when you’re at your prime. He will arrive when you’re at your best self – and you don’t even know it yet because he’ll bring it out of you and even point it out.

When he does arrive, your world will become an explosion of emotions. You will be skeptical. You will keep yourself composed in front of him. You will be friendly, but not give off too much. You will keep your walls up because you want to protect yourself from that kind of hurt. You will not share too much, but soon find yourself sharing a lot because he feels familiar and safe. You will start ticking things off a list of things he should and shouldn’t be – and soon realize that that list is stupid because he seems to be everything on the should be list with just a few bumps and dents that you don’t mind looking over. You will begin to warm up to him, and you will begin to rethink the plans you have for yourself.

You will snap out of it and tell yourself its the infatuation drug taking over you. You will slowly bend again, because you get lost in a world when you’re talking to him. You will try to hide your smile and lessen your giggles when you’re sitting in front of him, but he points them out and you realize there’s no use hiding.

You will see his feelings turn into declarations and his words turn into actions. You will see him more often than you expected and you will begin to miss him when he isn’t around. You will realize what you have in front of you is something special, and you will begin feeling things you never thought you’d feel again anytime soon.

He will make your heartbeat faster overtime the topic of feelings come up, because your feelings are slowly becoming validated even if you don’t utter a word. He will feel gentle, measured and unrushed, because he will share his feelings without declaring anything straight out until he knew it was the right time.

When the right time does come, he will be straightforward, laying all his cards on the table, knowing the risks but doing so anyway because he knows its worth it. He will then reassure you and make you feel safe, carefully explaining to you that his feelings are not going anywhere because they have turned into a constant and conscious decision everyday that you are now in his life. He will feel your hesitation and he will not rush you, instead, he will warm you up in the envelope of his hug while your rigid body slowly melts to his body heat.

He will make sure to constantly validate your feelings, whether you verbalize it or not, because he will know exactly what’s going on inside you. When you finally verbalize it, he will make you feel safe, always reminding you that your feelings are safe with him – that he will protect them. He will remind you how much this means to him. He will be persistent in expressing his love for you, even go out of his way just to do things for you. It will feel weird at first, and you will tell him this – but he will always pinpoint that it doesn’t matter because he loves you and he will never tire of showing you that. Then you will realize that this is the kind of love you’ve been missing out on the entire time.

You then find yourself slowly letting those walls down. You will find yourself allowing the feelings to take over you. You will find yourself making a firm decision to get in this. After, you will find yourself doing things you never thought you’d do. You will find yourself going out of your way to do things for him because he will do the exact same thing if things were turned around. You find yourself feeling so strongly toward someone, you didn’t know you had it in you to feel that way. You find yourself expressing your feelings toward him in ways you never thought you could.

You find yourself smiling yourself to sleep at night because, finally, you found it.

You found the kind of love you were meant to receive. The kind of love that is even better than those in the movies because it was actually happening to you. The kind of love that you don’t need to seek validation for because you both are on the same page. The kind of love guided on principles and values you both believe in. The kind of love founded on a solid Rock, you’re confident it won’t shake. The kind of love you will not find anywhere else, because its a love so unique, so special and so rare. This is the kind of love that’s meant for a lifetime, and the kind of love that you’re supposed to fight for. And its yours to share – with him.

Protect it. Keep it. Fight for it.

Don’t settle for anything less than this kind of love. Don’t try to justify any other kind of love that isn’t like this – that doesn’t feel right, because you’re just toying with your emotions if you do. Don’t go out looking for this kind of love because this is the kind of love that comes and finds you.

This love will arrive. He will arrive, wait for it. It’s worth the wait.