I Promise I Will Show You What Real Love Is


It’s 1:47 AM EST and I am thinking about my life and what I want to do with it. Something I want at one point in my life I would like to fall in love. I do not know where you are in the world or what you are doing right now. I hope you are doing something safe now because I do not want you to get hurt. That would be a tragedy.

I wonder where we will meet. Will it be in a café? Will it be on a bus? Will be at a party? Will it be at home? The moment I will see you, I will definitely find something cute about you. It could be the way your dressed, your attitude, your smile or your eyes. There will be something about me that will draw your attention to like me.

After a good first date, we will probably go on multiple dates and you will learn more and more about me. You will see me in my worse and best. I do not look perfect all the time but when I am with you,you will make me feel as if I am perfect.

Eventually you and I will have some inside jokes will make our relationship stronger. We will have small fights, but it will never get to bad. Even when we will fight and we are trying to ignore each other we will still ask one another if we ate and if we are fine.

We all have a past. I have one and I am guessing you have one as well. You have regrets, mistakes and wounds which you may not want to share. I want you to share them with me. I want you to know that your regrets and mistakes do not define the person you are today. They also will not affect the way I love you. I want you to trust me enough to tell me your regrets and mistakes.I hope you can do the same for me.

If you have previous girlfriends and friends who are girls I will not make a deal out it because I know yo are with me.I will not ask for reassurance of any sort because I trust you enough and do not want to control the people you socialize with. I hope you can do the same fore me.

In this modern world, technology is getting more and more advanced. I will send you a cute text every time you are at work or not with me. I promise to send you a video or a voice recording of whatever I am doing, making you feel like you are with me all the time even if you are not with me.I want to share every little moment with you, even when we are apart.

Music is something that I enjoy a lot. I like pop, indie and country music. I like to dance to it and lip sync to it. If you like rock or hip pop music we will dance and lip sync to it. If you like something, we will do it because I want us to be able to share the things that we like with one another. I do not want us to be those couple who do not try to like each other’s favourite things.

Some nights I like to put my hair in a bun, wear sweats and watch Netflix.On those day I do not like to go out, I like to sit and watch movies all day. I am going to apologize right now, for all times I must turn you down and stay home. However, you can join me and we can watch all our favourite movies.

Something I am going to apologize for right now is how clumsy I can be. I often loose my balance and trip and fall a lot. So, you may have to look out for me and catch me every time I fall.

I promise to show you what love is. I promise to share all my dreams and thoughts with you. I promise to tell you anything and everything. I promise to make you feel better at the end of a bad day. I promise to help you solve all your problems.

Our love will be extraordinary, phenomenal and unique. Every day will feel like a new experience with me. Remember to stay safe, be active and smile everyday. I can not wait to meet you in the future.