I Promise Someday Someone Is Going To Love You Just Like This


Someday someone is going to love you so much you feel your heart could burst in exhilaration, I promise you. Someone is going to hold on to you with their two hands and their every thought so fiercely that you won’t ever have to worry if you just lose your grip for a second, your world would immediately fall apart and your happiness would pop like a bubble. You won’t have to fight this life battle alone; in fact, you won’t have to fight any stupid battle, especially one to prove your worthiness. Someone is going to look you in the eyes and gradually see through your guarded heart, see till the bottom of your bleeding wounds to bring out the light which in darkness even you have a hard time noticing. You don’t know how but they just do it. That someone is waiting for you, counting down the days to meet you, wishing for you like you’re wishing for them right now.

Someday someone is going to love you so much you forget what it was like to be in pain. Someone is going to treat you so well you get angry you would ever settle for way less. Someone is going to be so consistent, so stable, so reliable that you won’t ever have to doubt their feelings for you or even whether you’re good enough. Through their eyes, their smile, their attentive and considerate actions, their racing childlike heart visible to you and only you, you just know you’re good enough. You know you’re loved, treasured and needed. No more are the nights you lose sleep over the seen, yet unanswered text messages, the phone calls that go straight to voicemails but are never returned. No more is feeling insignificant and inadequate, wishing you could just be a little bit prettier, cooler, more chill then maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to leave you like that. Someone is going to show you that leaving you is the opposite of easy, leaving you is the impossible, unimaginable because there’s only one wonderful and precious you who could take their breath away just by being exactly you.

Someday someone is going to love you so much you’ll understand why it has never worked out with anyone before. Someone is going to touch your heart so deeply you realize all the times you thought you found love you barely scratched the surface of it. Someone is going to teach you the physical meaning of many abstract words, the true depth of your soul when it has a chance to freely open up. Your life will be filled with so much positivity and goodness that you finally understand love isn’t pain, and being in pain isn’t a sign of love. Love isn’t supposed to be hurting all the time. And you don’t deserve to be hurting, you deserve happiness. Someone is going to make you believe this like a religion and inspire you to extend your heart voluntarily, generously. You will be surprised at your own capacity for love, your endless strength, your eternal devotion and the hopeful, lively pieces within you that you never thought would still be there after so many heartbreaks.

Someday someone is going to love you so much you happily think to yourself, Well, life isn’t so unfair after all. You will feel grateful for all the pain, the tears, the sleepless nights, the cold goodbyes as they have made you the person you’re, finally feeling ready for this love. Someone is going to choose you so consciously and surely that you always feel secure and empowered to be more you and a better you. So, hang in there. Keep on going. There’s nothing to be scared of. Don’t you get it now? Whether this someone shows up or not, or whenever they do, nothing changes the fact that you’re already whole and deep and wonderful and precious. Your magic doesn’t need a witness, an admirer or a discoverer because it already has plenty every day. My dear, you’re shining brighter than the moon and stars you just don’t see it. You’re the sun of your universe.

I promise someday someone is going to love you so much, even more than life itself. But for now, while you wait, I hope you’re going to love yourself just like that too.