I Promise To Be Your Home Forever


Around the world, many things are happening at the same time. And I happened to be marrying the love of my life.

How ordinary this day may seem to others but to me, it felt so precious. We’re finally here after breaking the barriers. We’re finally here, together.

Thanks to you, I get to accept my flaws and wear them as an armor. In the process of discovering you, I get to love myself too. Underneath my skin lies the same bones as yours and they rest with me.

So today, with God as our witness along with our family and friends, my vows to you are as follows:

I promise to be your home that will wait for you every night. I will be your anchor, we will sail through this life. I will fill up the time you have spent empty without my warmth so you’ll never sleep cold and alone. The spaces will be filled, I got you covered.

I will listen to you and I will respect your moments of silence. Please know that in my prayers, you are always included. I will provide food for the table and food for your soul.

I will stand by you and I will always be proud for the life we have and for the lives we will raise. And if the particular moment that our skin wither and our hair turn gray, I will love you here, up to the remaining of my days.

I am so thankful and my heart is filled with joy. You are enough, actually more than I have asked from up above. I can’t explain what I am feeling. I am in awe for what God has planned for us and I can’t wait to unveil all of them with you.

Out of all the moments around the world, you chose to spend this special moment with me alone.

You’re amazing and my heart belongs to you.