I Quit My Full-Time Job And Am Happier Than Ever


Sometimes I wish I had a full-time job just so I know that I’ll consistently earn money.
When it comes to a job, you always know within two weeks, you’ll receive a paycheck. You feel relieved knowing you can put money in the bank or finally pay your rent. Well, even though I was putting money in my pocket each week, I was still so unhappy.

I hated showing up for work, being bored and told what I could and couldn’t wear or listening to a boss that was rather unfriendly. My unhappiness began affecting my relationship with family, friends and more of all my boyfriend. When your love life begins to take a toll for the worst, that’s when you know you must change something. So, after I took yet another full-time position and wasn’t enjoying my life, that’s when I knew something had to be done.

I asked myself what I truly love to do.

And, the only answer I’ve ever had was writing. I went to school to become a writer. Many thought I’d end up as a teacher, but I knew writing had always been my passion. Therefore, I made it happen by contacting local editors and asking if they needed writers. I had been a freelancer for years without pay, so I wasn’t expecting anything except a byline in return.
To my surprise, the two sites I would potentially write for offered money for each article. I was thrilled to say the least and knew being a writer was in my destiny. I knew it in the pit of my stomach that that was my career and I didn’t want it any other way.

I was scared to death because I knew I wouldn’t receive a ton of money, but if I desired to finally be happy, I knew it was worth the risk. And, since I am now living with my boyfriend in another state with no family or friends, I needed to ask his opinion in this. He would need to support me and stand behind me. You may say, “why do you need his approval?” It’s not that I need his approval, it’s the fact that this decision would also affect him as well. And, he stood behind me and said he just wanted me to be happy and if this is what I want, he will be there for me.

I took the leap and quit my full-time job to freelance and it’s being going fantastic! I’m able to set my own hours and arrange meetings, which is a ton of fun. It wasn’t an easy decision since I have bills to pay for, but I know it’s for the best. I’m starting from the bottom and working my way up, which is what everyone does. Let’s hope something positive comes about!