I Quit My Job To Follow My Dreams And Here’s 7 Things You Need To Know To Do The Same


I’ve loved my job and especially my team. Yet I knew that I needed to follow only my dreams because I’ve realized that the way the society works doesn’t work for me. I need freedom, I need nature, and most of all I need to do what I feel I was born to do. Anything else has been just preparing me for this.

So I decided to quit my job and return to Asia to visit beautiful countries and cultures and focus solely on my business. As an author, public speaker and life coach I want to have unlimited time for supporting and uplifting others.

This was a decision that I’ve known I needed to do yet I didn’t know when the best time would be. Then I realized there is never the best time, I have to do it just because I feel it. No more reason is required.

In my life I’ve learnt that when we follow our hearts, the magic happens.

We never see the staircase before taking the first step but we have to trust. There is always reason why our heart guides us to do something. Our logical mind can argue with that and even postpone what feels the best for us for many years but at the end of the days everyone says they should do more what they love. And I believe this completely.

Looking backwards my most difficult moments were where I was following my logic out of fear instead of choosing love. I know that it was me getting frightened by my fears that got me stuck in my life for many years.

1. What do you want just for yourself? Although we live surrounded by others, our dreams come from within ourselves. Therefore, it’s important to ask yourself question how would you live if you’d put others out of the equation and decide for yourself. Only this way you can find your deepest desire that will burn the way out of routines. Then have a look and start incorporating into your everyday life what you can. It’s okay to take 15 minutes to become clear on what you want. Without knowing what matters for you, it’s easy to get lost in life.

2. Take little steps. I know that life happens and we can all get stuck by fears and commitments but we can all little by little start living more our dreams. You may not quit your job now but you may begin your business on side or take a course that supports your interests so you gain more confidence and skills. What feels as the next natural move for you so you could do more of what you love and dream about?

3. Face your fears. This is one of the greatest lessons you can learn – never ignore your fears because they’ll unconsciously control you. What I’ve learn in my work with coaching clients is that where is your fears; there is your greatest potential. Following our dreams can be scary, especially one it goes against what majority of people do. Yet we should spend our days in a meaningful way for us. At the end, it’s only us with whom we spend every single day on this planet with.

4. Don’t get frightened by opinions of others. If people aren’t happy within themselves then they unconsciously project their fears onto you. When you share with them your dreams, they tell you that it’s unrealistic or stupid just because they believe that it’s unrealistic for them. I’ve noticed that everyone has some kind of opinions on my dreams and that I don’t need to care. It’s my life after all and I need to be accountable only to myself. Funny enough, the very same people who have been once underestimating you, are the same people who come later for advice how to change their lives. You’ll show them what is possible for them.

5. Have a plan. I love following my soul’s guidance but often times she tells me to have a plan to make sure I don’t sabotage my dreams later on. It’s okay to have a job that pays the bills so you can have less stress and pressure around your business. If you’re busy mom, you can create plan on how to have more time by asking for help more often and schedule time for your passions into your calendar. If you wish to travel the world, it’s reasonable to have some savings or at least ideas where you’ll get some income while you travel. In life it’s important to feel supported but make sure you work towards supporting your dreams not your fears.

6. Live your life to inspire others. Sometimes we try to teach our children or make other people change but we don’t walk our talk. You don’t need to change others by force but instead by inspiration. When you follow your desires, you become relaxed and naturally radiating love and light. There is nothing more influential and attractive than this. Be the light, you want to see in others.

7. Live your life so you don’t regret. The truth is that life is short. None of us knows how many days we have to spend on this beautiful planet. Maybe 50 more years maybe 5 more days. I believe the only way how not to worry about getting old, or how to be genuinely happy is give your life all you got. Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t give up your dreams as there is reason for you having exactly these desires. What if you don’t have them by accident but rather as guidance so you don’t get lost in life?